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DIY: Rubber Stamp Gift Tags

diy paper goods

These rubber stamp gift tags are pretty quick to make and can be done with so many different stamps. Look around the shop or your favorite craft store for stamps that would make a nice tag. So many possibilities for this. Here I used our gift tag and thank you stamps.  SUPPLIES: Chipboard or cardboard (I like to use photo backing from a photography supply company) Rubber stamps Ink pad Hole punch Scissors Twine or string scrap of paper or larger backing to cover your work space while working with ink First, ink your stamp well and press down firmly...

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DIY: Beaded Crochet Necklace

crochet diy

This beaded crochet technique is fun to do and quick to work, with lots of possibilities in yarns and strings, to beads. We're going to make a necklace that can be worn long or doubled up. Or, wrap it around your wrist a few times and wear it as a bracelet. My instructions follow the assumption that you know how to do a basic crochet chain.  Here's what you'll need: Crochet thread, embroidery thread, baker's twine, or any lightweight yarn. Scissors Embroidery needle Small crochet hook (4-5mm) Beads with holes large enough to fit your twine/yarn and the needle First,...

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